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Monday, July 18, 2016

#TpTOrlando16- I'm back and ready to work!!

Well! I finally did it! I attended my first TPT conference last week in Orlando, Florida! It was an awesome experience!

My friend Angie from Press it On With Angie made me these awesome shirts for the conference!
So me and my hubby loaded up and drove to Orlando! 

We stayed in Tallahassee Monday night and drove the rest of the way Tuesday! The conference was at the Swan and Dolphin Resort in Walt Disney World! We have both been to Disney World but never stayed at one of their resorts! It was gorgeous!

The view from our room.

The view of our hotel on our walk to the BoardWalk.

There are so many teacher authors that I admire for their hard work and success and to meet them and talk with them was so inspiring. They are hardworking teacher authors that are so willing to learn and share with you. I mean seriously.. the last session I went to, I saw Deanna Jump a few tables over taking notes and learning from the presenter. It really put into perspective that we are all here to learn to be a better educator, a better teacher author, and a better teacherpreneur! I met so many awesome people but two very important people were Ashely Schroeder from Schroeder's Shenanigans in 2nd and Caitlin Dani from Teach Inspire Change. They were both so nice and down to earth!


Awesome stuff from Teachers Pay Teachers!

I attended some awesome sessions by Erin Cobb, Shelley Rees, Kayse Morris, Ashley Schroeder, Jen Bengel, and Jessica Tobin! The last session was about Pinterest and using Tail Wind to schedule your pins! Wow!! I have been working way to hard at pinterest when Tailwind can just post them all for me at a scheduled time. She also described the best pins and what they look like. I LEARNED A LOT!!

Our hotel was within walking distance from the BoardWalk so we spent a lot of nights there eating and watching the sunset! The pictures do not do it justice!

On Friday, my hubby and I spent the day in Epcot! It was my first time in that park and its definitely my favorite!


Great Britain!

Having lunch in Mexico inside of the Pyramid! 
So nice and cool from the heat!

Our view from our table!

A boat ride to soak up some more A.C.!

We had dinner at the Coral Reef Restaurant in Epcot that night! It was gorgeous!

After dinner we got out just in time to watch the World Showcase Fireworks in the park! Great ending to our trip!

Jen Bengal gave a lot of good advice for making products. A lot of little things I never thought of! So most of the trip home I talked Ross' ear off about new ideas or new things to do for my store! 

Today, I got to work!

There was an activity I did during the school year that my students absolutely loved! After hearing so many presenters at the conference say "Make things students will like" I started to think about the things I already made for my students! 

I made this iPAD Area model worksheet when my students struggled with the concept. After creating this activity they began to remember what an area model is all about!

Basically students receive two pieces of paper. The ipad has the area models on it and the other sheet is the "apps" which are the answers to the area models. Students must color, cut, and match the apps to the area model.

In the product I have included 3 different ipad worksheets, a blank template, answer key, step by step assembly directions, and student sample pictures!
This is such an easy activity for a sub to do with your kids that is low prep and low explanations!

Buy it here! It's 20% off for the first 24 hours!

These are the directions included in the product!

I'm trying to set up a few more things in my home office before I start making videos for product explanation. After attending Kayse Morris' session I HAVE to start making videos. She is fantastic! Check out her youtube channel here! She is so inspiring and funny!

Plenty other things in my store for back to school! Check it out!

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