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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Scoop - 9/7/2014

I'm linking up with the Teaching Trio's new linky party- The Sunday Scoop!!

This linky is one that is simple and easy! I am very good at making to-do lists and prioritizing it so why not join that with a blog post!

This year I only teach Math. I LOVE that! The only downfall is all of the tests I must grade. I have 65+ tests to grade with constructed responses. With teaching that many students it is easier to have many students absent on test days. Waiting for make-ups is no fun. Usually I try to grade my test papers within the next week. This week, our school sends home progress reports... meaning I need to get myself in gear and grade these tests! My plan is to grade 1 out of 3 classes tonight and possibly finish the other 2 tomorrow!

My math assessments are evolving and I have not yet got them to where I want them to be just yet. I have been very good at creating my assessments before creating my lessons. Last year, I found the assessments that came with out textbooks were not aligned to the standards like I wanted them to be. I currently use Kristine Nannini's Standards Based Assessments. She provides assessments for each standard WITH answer keys! I LOVE these because I feel like my assessments are rigorous and meet the needs of my students. Check them out! It is one of my favorite products!

To plan, I use Blair Turner's Interactive Notebook. This product keeps my lessons interesting. My students love the hands on activities. It is separated by standards just like my assessments are. We use EnVision Math series. The textbook is separated into different Topics and Lessons. Multiple standards are covered in each Topic.I often pull from these two resources when creating my lesson plans and assessments. These two products together make my life much easier!

My usual other weekend to-do's usually involve laundry, cleaning the apartment, and getting ahead on grad work!! Hoping all of this gets done and I have a less stressful week than I had this past week.

Today is the first official game of the season for the Saints! Excited to spend the day watching the game with my hubby! Hoping for a good season! Who Dat!

Trying to stay positive, calm and not over think everything! Everything does NOT always have to be perfect Kristi! 


  1. Girl! We need to chat! I teach 5th grade enVisions too, and I'm always struggling with it - it's really a hate-hate relationship :) Thanks for linking up!
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    I've nominated you for the Liebster Award, here's the link on how to do it.

    Have a great day ahead!

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