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Sunday, November 3, 2013

How I cope with stress...

Everyone deals with stress in different ways. This week I felt like I was drowning with paperwork. We are submitting our Student Learning Targets this week which is where we set a goal of how much our students will grow by the end of the year. Just a little nerve wrecking. You find yourself contemplating which students you think will go above and beyond whatever goal you set for them and then you have those students that could just completely shut down the day of the test and that goal goes out of the window. Our students take multiple tests. They take the state wide assessment called the iLEAP. They also take these parish wide assessments: STAR test and Measured Progress. That's THREE tests that I pray my kids try super hard on and show how hard they've been working. So all week we've been data crunching and trying to figure out where to go with these student learning targets. ON TOP OF THAT... our state has been emailing us "practice tests" to incorporate into our lessons/tests because it is supposedly a "mirror image" of what the test will look like. That's awesome! but.... where do I find the time to squeeze that in when I barely have time to teach Science and Social Studies along with Math. So I met with my principal, had my breakdown, and went home and hammered out a new strategy to use these practice tests!

Basically my students will complete one test released item a night. They must choose their answer and explain in complete sentences why they chose that answer. If you would like to check it out please download it FREE from my TPT store! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, if you download it, leave me a comment letting me know how you like it! :-)

Click here  to download it!

Here is a preview of what it looks like!
It's simple, but will get the job done!

After all of that was handled. I brought it to my principal and she loved it! Whoot! So I copied it for my students to start on Monday and headed home for my weekend of no school work! That lasted for about 3 hours! I then decided to work on a TPT product to post. My students are learning multiplying and dividing decimals next so I decided to make some task cards for them to use during centers. I like to have multiple center options for them to keep them interested. So I created a bundle of over 140 task cards for Multiplying and Dividing Decimals! It is common core aligned!

It is in my TPT store. Click here to get this bundle!

That's not all, that's not all!!!
My best seller in my TPT store is my Chevron Newsletter that I use in my own classroom! I loved it so much, I started making ones to go with different holidays as they approached. I created a Christmas newsletter and it is really cute! It's on $1 as well and just like my other ones, it is completely editable.
Click here to get it in my TPT store!!

As you can see, I cope with stress by making new TPT products. I guess being creative is what helps me calm down and have fun? lol

Happy Plan day Sunday!

Hope your week is easy going! 


  1. I love creating to ease my stress, too! My student goals are due this week, EKK. This is the first year that they are tied to our teacher evaluation, which is super nerve wracking.

    I hope you have a super week!


  2. It was tied to ours last year as well and it was very nerve wrecking! This year we are using a different assessment to create our goals and thats what makes me nervous!

    Have a good week girl!

  3. This is so great! I love all your ideas and creativity. It almost makes me want to become a teacher so I can buy and use your stuff! haha

  4. Thanks!!! I love the creative side of teaching! It definitely lets me relieve some stress! :-)