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Saturday, September 28, 2013

September SLANT box!!

I have been waiting all month for the end of the month so I could receive my SLANT box from my matched up partner! Basically a SLANT box stands for Sending Love Across the Nation to Teachers (learn more about it here)

Basically we are too stalk each/get to know each other and find things for under 10 dollars that goes with the theme! This months theme was "oops I can't believe I forgot..." My partner did a much better job than I did but now I am so inspired for next month! It is awesome getting to know 2 different teachers from around the country.  The person who sends to you is not the same person you send to. Therefore, you become friends with 2 new teachers!

I cannot wait to hear what my friend whom I sent to thinks of her items!

I love my items and my match really did her research on my classroom!  I received...
- a journal with a note saying "oh, goodness I can't believe I forgot my notebook"
-a travel toothbrush with a note saying "oh my I can't believe I forgot to brush my teeth"
-an owl figurine with potpourri in it with a note saying "ohhh I can't believe I forgot how kids smell after recess"
- a leopard print lanyard with a note saying "I totally can't believe I forgot my badge holder"
-lip gloss and fingernail polish in a cute little makeup bag with a note saying "I really can't believe I forgot my lips and nails"
-a pink sharpie and ink pen with a note saying "oh no, I can't believe I forgot my pens"
-a box decorated with dream and stripes on it with a note saying "and how could I forget to dream big and live even bigger"
-last but not least was a hand written note that we are required to write!

Awesome experience!

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  1. Love it! I also included a toothbrush and toothpaste in my partner's box! :)

    The Journey of a Beginning Teacher