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Friday, September 20, 2013

Classroom Tour

Finally!!! Here are my pictures of my room!

Standing at my door looking in...

My podium that my awesome hubby built for me!

My students participate in the Accelerated Math program. As they master skill, they move there clothespin to the different circles!

My exit ticket poster!

A sign that was VERY much needed! There is a noise gate right outside my room that people do not realize is EXTREMELY noisy!

My schedule that was bought in a decor pack from Hope King!

My math center rotation bulletin board!

My messssssy library! My student librarian has been slacking!

My student self assessment sale. When my students complete their exit ticket, they assess themselves. This lets me know who thinks they do not get it at all and guides me to make my math groups for the next day.

This is where my students turn in their tests and other assignments. Wish I could have found a smaller crate

My math centers shelf!

Students must highlight their name before turning in their paper. This stops them from forgetting to put their name on their paper.

My math vocabulary charts.

This was my "4th grade is fabulous" banner from last year that I patched up and made 5th. lol

My computers with my laptop cart.

My "where are you" part of my board. Last year, I just had the absent and present part. This year one of my fellow teachers at school told me she likes having all the different areas of the school listed just in case there is a lockdown or fire drill and she forgot where that child went. That sounds terrible but sometimes I write a nurse note, send a kid, start teaching, and forget that I sent that kid.

My behavior chart.

My objectives! My science and social studies ones weren't posted yet! It was a crazy week!

Math centers with matching chevron common core strand labels!

Homework club!

Classroom jobs! I  have A LOT of jobs, but it takes a lot of stress off of me!

My MESSSSSY desk! Sorry!

More of my messy desk area..... uh. Can we focus on my fabulous Dollar Store lamp!? lol

Next to my desk area... I painted that chevron cork board!

Teacher to do's!

Small group area... messy! I need to start doing these tours BEFORE my kids come! lol

Where my students turn in their homework... my paper and supplies storage.

My door!!


  1. It all looks so good! I love all the bright colors! I am always so amazed at how creative my teacher friends can be. And I hate that when I was in school I didn't appreciate all the work put into just the classroom, not to mention everything else my teachers did. Thanks for the tour! It looks fantastic!

  2. Your classroom is too cute! I love the colors you chose!


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