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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Where have I been??

It has been completely nuts since Thanksgiving! Aftet Hurricane Isaac we took off into our curriculum preparing my babies for LEAP. We have been working our little tales off. This is our first week back since Spring Break and I cannot believe I only have 19 short days with my kiddies. They test me and push me nonstop but I love them. Lets see what pictures. I have on my phone that I can share with you to kind of catch you up.

The orange poster on my curtains is a banner we made before the LEAP test. I painted it and signed it. Each student in my homeroom signed it. Later that day, teachers from all over the school and even our administrators came in and signed it. My kiddies looked at it throughout the test to be reminded of all of the people that believe in them.

The paper chain below is our countdown to summer!!

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