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Monday, May 20, 2013

Never too late in the year to add some cuteness!

I am starting to prepare for summer/next year. I have started to make my lists and tomorrow I will begin packing/moving stuff around my classroom. Most of it will be trying to figure out where I will put my 4th grade stuff while waiting to get my 5th grade stuff in. 
Anywayssssss, I saw these cute background ideas on a blog and thought that would go with my classroom theme!! I have a hard time keeping labels on my computers because we have terrible humidity in my classroom since I am on an outside wing. I was able to edit these backgrounds on Powerpoint and then save them as jpegs. They make that side of my room so cheery! Please ignore the dust around my computers! I already have a plan to have a classroom job to keep these computer clean. I plan to cover them with garbage bags this summer to keep the dust away too! 

Here is the link to the blog where I got this idea and freebie from! 

WARNING: her classroom is SO stinkin' cute and also 3 times the size of mine! lol

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