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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Classroom Reveal- 2014-2015

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I have been waiting to take pictures of my room until I was satisified. I am satisfied with my room but not the pictures. My school is a little dated and the lights are not as bright as I wish they were. Supposedly, we will be getting new lights next summer (fingers crossed).

Here are my pictures! Wish they were a little brighter!

As I stated in a few previous posts, I said that I moved six rooms up my wing into a room that was used a meeting room for a year then a French teacher occupied it. Like many empty rooms in a school, it ends up being a place for everyone's junk. There were so many things in there that I did not need and had to sift through. It needed some a lot of TLC!

Here are some before pictures.

This is the view from the door after my hubby helped me move my stuff from Room 8. This was how I left it for the summer. Basically, this was the view I had in my head all summer. NOW do you understand why I was stressing? lol

This was when I came back in late July. Isn't that marker board gorgeous?

Yikes right??!!
I opened the door and immediately felt overwhelmed. The student desks in there weren't the ones I was supposed to have but I needed to house them until my other ones came in. It messed up my whole vision I tried to prepare myself for all summer. I immediately called my right hand woman/classroom organizer/cousin Anjelle and she rushed over and we got to work. Her being there for one day helped ease my mind so I could TCB the next week days.


This is the view outside of my classroom. I was not quite finished with my door yet but I love my banners outside. Those are Astrobrights papers that I cut and laminate. Super easy and cheap!

This is what my door looks like now! I added a welcome sign along with some Melonheadz clipart!

I started this a few years ago after being inspired by one of my friends. We are constantly hearing that our students need to be college and career ready. My team and I decided we would post these outside of our classrooms. The students really like to hear that we went to college and in my case, that I still am a college student working on my master's. They asked me this week: "Mrs. DeRoche, you got homework this weekend?"

 Lets start with the view from my door. My awesome mother in law made those black curtains for me out of King and Full Flat bed sheets from Walmart. Its hard to tell in this picture but they really block out the sunlight so I can see my board better.

If you step into my door and look to the right, there is my board. Remember that ugly board they had up before that was stained?? Yeah, my awesome principal was able to get two brand new ones hung. They didn't fit exactly, but I made it work and you can even tell. This picture was before my computer was hooked up.

My attendance board located to the right of my promethean board. The magnets was a template and DIY steps from Mrs. Heeran's Happenings! Love them!!

Here is the view of my board when I was finished! The curtains above my board belonged to a teacher that was in this room years ago. She had them made to fit and I am SO glad she kept them!! It really ties the room together and goes well with my theme. 

This is our daily to-do's for Math. Our new Math series follows the same steps everyday so this is a guide for students to help them remember what to do. Sometimes I add or take away steps and they can check up here to see what we are doing for the day.

Underneath my board is my classroom rules. The idea came from Kinder Craze! Hers is a little different but I owe all of the idea to her! I found the wooden plaques from Hobby Lobby for $2.99 a piece. I originally went to look for wooden frames like she had in her classroom. My hubby found these and I bought them hoping they would look great and they do!! I printed the rules at the UPS store because my printer would cry if I would print those at home. I them laminated them and hot glues them onto the painted wooden plaques. The custodian at school painted them for my while I ran around my room doing other things. So thankful for her skills! I hot glued ribbon to the back to hang them on command hooks!
This is the area to the left of the board which is my area. The small little blue shelf is where my ActivView is located. The pink shelf is a shelf that was in my bedroom as a child. That same awesome custodian repainted it for me and gave it new life! The bucket on top is for our class ID tags!

Okay, I hope I don't start to confuse you. This is standing at my desk and looking towards the door across the room. The banners were made with Astrobrights again and laminated. I covered the windows above with black paper and then hung the pennants on top. Everyone on my wing covers those windows because of all of the sunlight we get.

 This is standing at the door looking towards the back of the room. Those curtains were made a few years ago by my mother in law with more Walmart bed sheets. They still look so awesome after 2 years!

 This is my same Accelerated Math board that I used last year. As my students master skills in Accelerated Math, their clothespins (in the 3 buckets on top) to the different circles. I reward them after they reach a circle. Below is my classroom library separated by reading levels.

This is the view as I am standing at my board looking toward the back of the classroom.

This is standing at my teacher station.

This is my teacher desk! I've seen so many posts this summer about teachers doing away with their teacher desk. Most of my day is spent at my small group table, so I read most of their blogs and thought about it. I decided I love having a space that is just mine. I do sit there before and after school so I kept it and gave it a facelift! It was a brown color before. It had a few scratches and dings. I painted it black using the cheapest black paint that Lowe's would match for me. I sealed the top of it with some sealant I found in my craft supplies at home and I think it looks brand new!!

Sorry my desk is a little junky! I took this picture after a full week of school.

My bulletin board to the left of my desk. This is where I posted pictures, call log, duty schedule, and my password/username log.

This is posted on my board to inspire me! I got it free from Schroeder's Sheenanigans in Second! Below that is my picture of all of my sweet angels I taught the past 2 years. They are big middle schoolers now. I think of them often!

Directly behidn my desk is my bookshelf my hubby built me a few years ago! 

To the left of my bookshelf. I painted the chevron tack board last summer!

On the other side of my small table. This is underneath my curtains. The crate has hanging folders #1-25. Every time they return their test papers I file them in here for the 9 weeks.
Underneath is Loose Leaf Paper, Index Cards, and Construction Paper.

 To the left of that. I got the labels from Learning in Wonderland! Love them!!

This is where my students turn in their work. Since I teach three classes this year, I have a basket for each class.

All of the clothespins are number #1-24 for each class. As a student turns in their paper, they grab their clothespin, put it on their paper and put it in numerical order according to who has already turned their paper in. I dyed the clothespins and LOVE the way they came out!!

Underneath those baskets are the folder games and manipulatives that I house of the shelf my hubby also built!!

Another view of my shelf! The banner that says "Welcome to Mrs. DeRoche's Class" was bought at Target for a few dollars. I cut my name out on vinyl and laminated it. Super cute buy!

Directly behind me on the outside wall of my class is my Accelerated Math computer. This is where my laptops are housed and where my students scan their Accelerated Math cards and print new practices.

To the left of that is my A.M. line. When a student needs help in Accelerated Math they move their numbers up and I help them in that order! I got the numbers from Jessica Spethman!

This is the instructions for the A.M. line. Last year I struggled with students "needing help" with their Accelerated Math before they tried to figure it out themselves. Before they can move their number into the line they must have 1. Attempted the problem more than once 2. Use their Math textbook to find the skill 3. Complete all other problems except that one 4. Ask a neighbor quietly.

To the left of my A.M. line and laptop cart is this shelf. On top is my drawers with my task cards in them. The task cards are separated my Common Core strands. On the first and last shelf are indoor recess games. The second shelf has glue and scissors on them.

Up close view of my drawers.

Again to the left is my clock and my self assessment scale. This one that I used last year and may change next year, but for now it works! 

 My shelf with dictionaries, thesaurus and scotch tape that we use for our interactive notebooks.

Okay so I think that about wraps up the tour. I'm sure I will add more pictures. I plan to take more because I am not completely satisfied with these. The pictures do it no justice.