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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I'm married!!

Well it is official! I am a married lady and I couldn't be more in love with that fact! After over 7 years together, we finally tied the knot, jumped the broom, took the plunge, or whatever you say! The day was absolutely perfect thanks so lots and lots of family and friends!
Here is my invitation! My theme was a black and white damask theme with a hint of tiffany blue. My decorator Heather Billiot with Ever After designs made my dream come to life. I am forever grateful for her awesome skills. She took care of so much for me. Without her I would have forgot to take half of the pictures I did, do the garter toss, throw my bouquet, and much more. She was awesome! If you are looking for a decorator/coordinator I highly suggest her! Ever After Designs

Here is my invitations!

This is the sign outside of our hall! As you can see this was a popular weekend for weddings.

Here I am on the bus on the way to the church, ready to see my love!!

My sister (matron of honor) and I on the way to the church! Thank god my sister was at my side at the altar to make sure I wasn't too hot. (A.C. in the church was broken and that was WAY too much dress to be hot in) Everytime I turned around she said "you good??" So thankful for that and having her there every step of the way! lol

My cousin/best friend (maid of honor) Anjelle! So, so glad she was there. If you would have asked me when we were 10 years old if she would have been in my wedding I probably would have said no. We were some bratty little kids and didn't get along. I honestly think when my nanny (her grandmother) passed away she somehow controlled a way for Anjelle and I to become as close as we are now. I don't go a day without talking to her. Grateful to have her in my life.

My daddy walking me down the isle!! I can't wait to see the real pictures.

My dad giving me away.

My longtime friend, Brittany Weimer, sang at our wedding mass and took this picture from the choir loft. When I was standing outside ready to walk down the isle, my usher opened the door just a crack so I could feel the colder air and when I heard her singing I immediately became calm. She sang "From this moment" by Shania Twain as I walked down the isle and it felt like a dream it was so perfect. Thank you Brittany for giving me that moment!

Our wedding cake at the reception. It was a funfetti cake with different fillings. I absolutely loved it! My cake topper was perfect too. Thanks Eye Candy Cakes!

Ross' cake! The beers are real, just empty. lol Everything else was edible. Perfect!

First day as husband and wife!! We danced to "I Won't Give Up" by Jason Mraz. Ross' uncle recorded a cover of the song as a wedding gift for us to dance to. It was amazing to dance to that song but sung by an incredible family member. Something we will cherish forever! Thanks Uncle Kyle!

My WSL faculty family at my reception! These ladies are amazing and stayed all the way till the end. LOVE LOVE LOVE these women! A faculty that parties together, stays together!

My education major friends from college came also! I love these ladies!! Without them, college would have been UNBEARABLE! Only missing my girl Angie would just had her baby boy on the Monday before! 

These people right here..... words cannot describe how happy I was that they all showed up to support Ross and I. I made many, many great friends when I worked at Raising Canes for 4.5 years. Being a manager, you weren't supposed to be "friends" with the employees but pssshh whatever, it was so hard not to make friends with these awesome people. I quit Raising Cane's to become a teacher almost 2 years ago and these people are still a part of my life as you can see. I am so grateful for their support. We supported each other more than you'll ever know when we worked together and we still do that same for each other now. I love y'all and I am so glad y'all came! :-) Caniacs fo' life!

My gorgeous flowers that my decorator made. As soon as I got engaged I picked these flowers and my decorator found them and made my bouquet. For two years I couldn't wait to use them! lol

My grandmother's rosary wrapped around my bouquet. My Aunt Dolores passed away earlier this year after a 9 year battle with breast cancer. She gave me that cameo broach before she passed. It was given to her by her aunt, and I plan to pass it down to a niece as well. Meant a lot to have that as a part of my day. I believe, she helped me from sweating all my makeup off that day! She would NOT have wanted that! lol

Ross' godmother made me this jacket to wear while I was getting ready. It has my married initial on the front (which are the same as my maiden initials) lol

Ross and my glasses from the night. I made these. They are for sale on my etsy shop by the way! Simple K Designs

Of course my blog post would not be complete without showing a few things I've worked on for my classroom! I've completed my new banner. Plain, bright, and simple... like I like it!