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Thursday, June 27, 2013

No school work June!

So far I have held to my "no school work June" rule that I set for myself. Well I have sort of stuck to my rule, with a few exceptions here and there along with constant pinning on Pinterest. 

The second weekend in June, I took a trip to Orange Beach, Alabama for my long-awaited "Bachelorette Retreat!" It was exactly like it sounds... relaxing! My main goals were to get away, get a little sun, and RELAX! That is just what I did. No party scene for me, just a little winding down after a long school year with curriculum changes and wedding planning. Ross and his buddies went to Pensacola Beach, Florida while we were here and I can verify that there were no "Hangover" the movie type ordeals. They all came home on time and safe. lol That's all I wanted. Anyway, here are the pictures of the view from our condo!

I made these mason jars for myself and the rest of my bridal party! They are for sale in my etsy shop if you are interested in one!

So relaxing!!

After Orange Beach, it was back to Operation: Make Time Pass Fast so I can get to this wedding!! 
These are the bags I made for my bridesmaids! The chevron iron on was bought at Hobby Lobby along with the bags! I used my Silhouette Portrait Machine to cut out the letters. I then ironed them on and it 15 minutes, these bags were complete! So very simple!! 

This past Friday, we were apply for our MARRIAGE LICENSE!!!!
Please excuse his face, he can never take a serious picture, but you get the point!! 

This past Saturday we had an AMAZING rehearsal dinner! It was held at one of my bridesmaid's cafe in downtown Houma, La- Coley's Cafe! 

The dinner was absolutely perfect! I couldn't have asked for a better outcome. To have all of our closest friends and family in one place, mingling, and having a great time in celebration of our marriage just left me speechless. I can only imagine how I will feel tomorrow at our WEDDING!

Thanks again Nicole and her staff at Coley's Cafe!

Our gifts for our bridal party and parents!

Ross and some of his groomsman!

Next time I post, I will be Mrs. DeRoche!
Tomorrow, I become a wife!! :-)

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Break?? What Break?

Okay, does anyone really know a teacher who takes the summer off completely?? Yeah, me either!
This past Friday was the last day for teachers! Woohoo! I took this weekend off and enjoyed being with family. It was my fiance's honey do shower this past Sunday! What a great experience for him! The support we have from both of our families and friends is unimaginable. We are blessed!
 Here he is opening some manly gifts. lol

Here is a picture of us with his mom, stepdad, and two sisters!

Ross and I at his Honey-Do shower!

My mom and dad, my sister, brother in law, and my godchild Dalton with us at Ross' Honey-Do!

This would be the rest of Ross' family! Their support means so much to us! I am a lucky girl to marry into such a great family!

Since then, I have been hanging out with this lovely lady cat. Ten years ago today, my nanny took a turn for the worse. I was 13, upset, and not knowing what to do with myself. My dad didn't know what to do to make it better for me, much less my mom whom was losing her sister. He came home and saw me upset and said "go get that cat you wanted." Like any 13 yr old would do. I dried my face and ran up the street to my neighbors and picked out this kitty. She''s been by my side every since. I tell Ross daily "I pity you whenever this cat passes away." She is finally kind of starting to warm up to Ross. She has a personality and does not like loud anything, bad weather, or chaos (just like me). I've been hanging with her yesterday and today while working on stuff for next year. Yes you heard correctly, I am working on stuff for next school year.

So far, I haven't done too much but a lot of planning! That's where it all begins! I did create a new newsletter for my classroom and decided to sell it in my TPT store!! 
Here is a preview!

If you would like to download it for only $1 CLICK HERE

Like I said... does anyone know a teacher who truly takes the summer off??
Summers are just an excuse for us to be locked out of school so janitors can properly clean our rooms and we technically just work from home. Well maybe that's just me... and all my friends. lol

See ya next time!


Saturday, June 1, 2013

That's all folks!

This year has come to an end! It feels like I just started teaching my little 4th grade monsters when Hurricane Isaac hit and we had a 2 week break. We practically started over after that and began our preparations for the high stakes LEAP assessment. These kids have worked so hard. Its unreal how much intrinsic motivation these kids have. I am so excited to possibly have some of these kids next year on 5th! I've definitely been praying that these kids show up on my roll next year. I know what makes them excited, sad, happy, and motivated. I can't wait to see how much they grow over the summer and during the year next year. One of my kids asked me, "Ms. Daigle, will you miss us over the summer?" I told him "You know, maybe not today or tomorrow, but I definitely will." Like a good family, we need a break. From school and from each other. Absence makes the heart grow fonder! Until August, it is summer relaxing and wedding enjoying time!!

Oh oh oh! I almost forgot! My kids created marriage advice for my fiancé and I. I will put the book of all of them out at my wedding for my guests to enjoy. I am so pleased with how they came out!