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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Going back!

Sometimes I feel like being a new teacher is somewhat like being in the military. Not really, but let me explain. This year I taught 4th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies with 3 other awesome teachers. Well, we sort of observed that the next two grade levels that would be 4th graders next year and the year after are a little smaller than the class size we have this year. This means 4th grade no longer needed 4 teachers. We've kind of put it out of our minds until after testing but knew it would come up again. Well testing was about a month ago, so the stress of "am I teachong 4th grade again next year," "will I have to move classrooms" all came flooding back. Well this week I finally got my "orders" (hence the military connection) that I will be returning to 5th grade next year! (They weren't really orders but with the opportunities I was presented, this one was best for me.) The best part is 1. I don't have to move classrooms because 2. My partner teacher is coming with me to 5th! My principal is thankfully allowing us to stay in the rooms we are currently in and teach 5th!! I am super excited and relieved. Moving classrooms is no fun! This summer is jammed pack for me with wedding festivities and a LONG and needed honeymoon, I don't want to add the  stress of setting up a new classroom on top of that! So... thats it! 5th grade Math, Science, and Social studies next year! I am pumped! My team welcomed me with open arms and can't wait to work with them! :-)

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