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Monday, December 10, 2012

I think I can..

Less than tens day until our Christmas break. I can do this... I think I can! lol 
Well tomorrow makes one year that I have been employed at my school. What a QUICK QUICK year! I'm am so blessed to be able to teach at a school where everyone is so supportive and loving! Looking forward to many more years with these great people!

Right before Thanksgiving break we learned about the life cycle of a plant. We created 3D pumpkins that were the life cycle of a pumpkin. We also used these as our centerpieces for our Thanksgiving feast/party we had the Friday before the break! They came out so cute! 
I got the idea from Teachers pay teachers...

Anyways... I had an awesome Thanksgiving break. We were fortunate enough to have an entire week off! It was much needed. Over the break, I actually took a break from school stuff. I worked on lesson plans one day and that was IT! Can't believe I actually stayed away. I put my tree up during my week off to keep me busy from lesson planning. 

my FAVORITE ornaments thanks to Hobby Lobby's 50% off sale!

I did an activity last week in Science on the life cycle of a butterfly. My kids LOVED IT! I was super cheap to make! I downloaded the activity from teachers notebook. 

We used rice (for the egg process), spiral noodles (for the larva process- caterpillar), shell noodles (for the pupa process- cocoon), and the bowtie noodle for the adult process with it is a butterfly! 

That's all for now! Tomorrow we start our Christmas around the world Unit in Social Studies. I'm hoping to have more cute things to post for the holidays.


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