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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Happy Fall Y'all!

My kiddies and I are gearing up for Thanksgiving Break next week! We finished our Regions Social Studies Unit yesterday. With three days left in the week I decided to teach about Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, Indians, and most importantly.. being THANKFUL! Today we started making some Thanksgiving/Fall crafts! I have more to come but decided to share now. :-)
These are their "thankful wreaths!" I printed out 8 leaves and they had to write what they were thankful for on each leaf. We color, cut, and glued the leaves to the plate.

This was my example...

My second class really did well with it! So proud!

These are my fact family houses! We were learning about fact families with multiplication and division. We made these seasonal fact family houses. I put a dot of glue on the back and stuff them on some yarn.

Close up. Two multiplication sentences and two division sentences.

This is what it looks like outside my door! A row of houses for each of my classes. I hope they stay up for at least the rest of the week if the weather doesn't get to them!

That's all for now. But I would like to share that I am super excited for Christmas! I will be teaching Christmas Around the World... a look at how other countries celebrate Christmas! It's going to be awesome! I got it all from this blog....

So glad I found it!

Later, Kristi.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Camping in Kindergarten!

My dear friend Ashley was recently uprooted from her 5th grade classroom that was her home for the past 5 years and moved to a cute cozy Kindergarten classroom in our school's library building. After the hurricane our Kindergarten numbers continued to increase, forcing our administration to convert our 5th grade teachers to a 3 man team and move Ashley into a room full of 20 something sweet smiling 5 year old faces. She had barely a week to get her classroom together and let's face it, this room needed some TLC. It was previously used as a meeting room, storage room, and often where we would keep furniture no one knew where to put. Within that week, Ashley changed Room 208 in the library building into Cabin 208. A place where her little Kindergarten babies would learn to be "good campers." I'll let the pictures speak for themselves and overflow with cuteness. Enjoy! :-)

Her door! So jealous! Since she is inside a building, unlike most of us other teachers at our school, she can decorate her door and it not get messed up from the weather! Her mom made her a new name plate for her door since this picture that says Ms. Ashley!

 View of her room from the door!
 View of her behavior management system! Each student has a leaf and as their behavior declines their "leaf falls" down Ms. Ashley's tree. 
 Zoom in of the top of her behavior tree!
 The consequences of their "leaf falling."
 Skunk spray is my favorite!!
 Where their ID tags are kept at the end of the day!

 "S'MORE GOOD CHOICES!" Each roasting stick has a number on it. As good choice are made, students are rewarded with a marshmallow (cotton ball) to put on their roasting stick. Once there are 5 marshmallows on their stick they are rewarded with Smore trail mix!

 Label for her super cute word wall! Love the border for the bulletin board too!
 Word wall!
 Library/reading area! So cute! A tent, a campfire, and books! The K babies love this area!

Library! Books that are "Deer" to us! Love it!

 Every week Ms. Ashley chooses a camper of the week. That camper gets to bring pictures from home to display here. They also bring a letter from home that their parents write about them. Ms. Ashley reads the letter to the class! Such a good idea!

This tooth tally is the cutest thing ever! Wish I could do this with my kiddies!

Seasons posters!

Where she keeps her books to read to the class!

Welcome sign for her campers! It was very important for her to make these babies feel welcome. By the time Ashley found out she was moving to Kindergarten, school had already been in session for almost a month. They transitioned well and when I visit I can tell they are truly Happy Campers!

Smore trail mix! This is what they receive once they get enough marshmallows on their roasting sticks. GOOD STUFF! Cinnamon toast crunch, marshmallows and chocolate chips I think.
Her welcome brochures for her parents during open house are also here!

Oh you know, just the cutest little cubbies ever!

Student tables!

View of her tables and storage from the front of her room!

Where she posts her GLEs/Objectives for ELA, Math, Social Living and Writing!

Her teacher section!

Student work display section! These are clothespin hot glued to the wall and laminated owls hot glues on top!

A close up of her title to her student work display! So cute!!

Cute posters!

Her camping centers! This is a picture of it before it was completed. We had to take the picture before it was complete because she printed out their pictures to put in each center. I wish I could post a picture of them little cuties!

Computer center!

Another center!

View of her room from her reading area/tent area!

Her board!

Teacher computer area!

Of course since they are camping, they HAVE to sleep under the stars! Ms. Ashley has stars hung from the ceiling throughout the room. Such a simple cute touch!


Number line!

The marshmallows (cotton balls) for S'MORE GOOD CHOICES!

Her students leaves for her behavior tree!

Student tables!

Ms. Ashley has this on every table. As a table is caught doing something good they get a sticker put on their card. Once this card is filled, they are rewarded!

A small sign I made for her as a housewarming gift!

That's all from Cabin 208! She surely transformed this room in one short week. She should be extremely proud! Their are many awesome people on our staff that helped her and i'm sure she is grateful. That is reason #1 why I fell in love with this school, so many people willing to help all the time!

I hope to show many other classrooms or things that teachers around our school do in their rooms! If you want your room on here let me know! :-)