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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here goes nothing!

So this would mark my first official post in my blog! I've been wanting to create a blog about my teaching career and some of the other things going on in my life. Other blogs have been so helpful in the launch of my first classroom, so my hopes is that I will help someone else out my blogging about the things that I do in my room. I am new to this. This is my first year teaching, I am planning a wedding, and hopefully (fingers crossed) building a house soon. So bare with me if the posts aren't frequent. I plan to get better as I learn more about myself as a "blogger." Before teaching, I had a management job before this that I worked my way up when people thought I was too timid. I eventually became the youngest manager in the company at the point and was extremely proud that even though I was the youngest (and possibly smallest) I was managing people twice my age & size and succeeding! Now I am the little teacher in a school full of very knowledgeable teachers that I look up to. I came in midway through the year there after graduating last December and every single person made a strenuous attempt to make me feel welcome! Now I am beginning my first full year at this school in the 4th grade and I am extremely excited to get this year rolling. As of today we have not been at school in over a week due to Hurricane Isaac. Thankfully none of our school was severely damaged but the power outages set us back a good bit. We are "tentatively" set to go back Monday which will put us at starting school for two weeks, missing two weeks for Hurricane Isaac, then starting back again. But this break has motivated me to get ahead in my lesson planning and ready to kick it into gear once we go back!

So as I said on the first day of school... "Here goes nothing!"

Kristi Daigle

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