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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Welcome to Room 8!

Ahhh  finally!!! I'm on my 4th week of school (should be like 6th, thanks Issac) and I finally have pictures of my classroom ready! Yay!! Please bare with the little messes throughout the pictures. I do have 40 of my monsters that come in and out each day! So, as you know I teach 4th grade Math, Science, and Social Studies and these are the pictures of the things in my room. I will try to explain them as I go along. Bare with me, I am still new at this and i'm running low on energy from today! lol 

Here goes nothing!...
The sign my lovely fiance sanded for me and I painted. Hangs outside my door! :-)

View from my door to the left! Small group table.

My small group table right when you walk in. My calendar bulletin board is behind it. It is still a little bland, i'm working on it! But I love the background, almost to pretty to cover up! lol

This sits by the door. The two buckets are for each of my classes. I give out tickets (raffle/door prize style) during the day for students that are following the rules in line or in class. They write their name on it and on Fridays I pull out of each homeroom's bucket and the student have a choice of going to my treasure box (filled with Target clearance items) or get candy. Tickets are AMAZING!! Would never teach without them!

My computer center that is to the side of my group table. Lucky to have 6 WORKING computers!! Big thanks to my mom for organizing the cord mess that was behind these!

LOVE my clock! Thanks Pinterest! There is a HUGE ugly hole behind this clock where the old clock used to hang. Thanks to a command strip and this idea, it is now covered!

LOVE this poster I found on Pinterest. Sent it to Vistaprint and it was printed as a posted for less than $3!! It was shipped to me and I framed it with some neon duct tape.

Keeping my theme of bright color and polka dots kind of fresh, I used these dots so I could number my computers. Simple and cute!

This handy marker board is changed throughout the week as we learn new skills. I write it on this marker board and the students know to go directly to these skills once they log on to They can also write these skills down and work on them on on the internet!

LOVE LOVE LOVE my banner!!! Got it on Vistaprint for about $15 and hung with command hooks!

My tables are arranged in a U shape. SO EASY for assessing during a lesson. Makes the room feel open as well! Look at my AWESOME bright curtains in the back that my sweet mother-in-law hooked up for me! They were flat twin bed sheets from Walmart ($4 a piece) that she transformed into awesome curtains to cover all of my back shelves! Without them, my room would be DULL!

Each table is set up similar to this. Four students at a table. Two crates underneath to share. 

Each table is named after a continent. This really helps them learn their continents. They have a garbage can (dollar tree), a pencil cup (target clearance), and a bucket (target again) in the middle of their tables. 

This is a view looking down on the middle set ups of my table. In the bucket I have 4 pairs of scissors, 4 packs of crayons, 4 voters for the Promethan, 4 popsicle stick voters, and 4 print and cursive alphabet handwriting examples.

This is a close up of my popsicle stick voters. My friend and I made these this summer and the kids love it. It is awesome when I don't have time to pull something up on the Promethean for the voters.

This is a view of the crates. Two crates tie wrapped together. Students share Math and Social Studies textbooks in class with the other class since we don't have to bring those home for homework often. If a student wishes to bring one home, I have extras that they can "check out." They each have a Science textbook in their crate since our textbooks double as workbooks. Their workbooks and bell ringer folders are also in the crates. I learned the hard way that you should write their names on the top spines of the pages so when they look down into their crate they see their name on a workbook. Even though I had their names on the front cover, they wouldn't look at it. I had kids pulling out random workbooks and not bother checking if their name was on the front cover. Writing them on the tops seems to be working much better.

This is the view of my board area from the back of my classroom.

Back of my door. Chore chart and schedule card (both 88 cents each from Walmart!).

Awesome paw prints my cousin painted! I'm surprised these are the only one I put on the walls! They are too cute to not go crazy with.!

To the left of the door is a motivational poster I got at Hobby Lobby on clearance. I bordered it with decorative duct tape which sometimes holds. We have a lot of humidity in our classrooms since our rooms are on outside wings. I like being outside though. Hall passes are hanging and a clipboard used for students to sign out when they leave the room.

Behind the door when you open is this station. My homework chart (which is dirty because I can't find my magic eraser) is made out of a chart from Target that I laminated and use a dry erase marker on. Simple and cute. Birthday poster (that the kids remind me daily I still need to fill out). This is also where my kids turn in things to me in my zebra box. Notice the bucket of highlighters next to it. I will explain later about that. All the way to the right in the mason jar is my birthday balloons taped to pixie sticks for my birthday students!

One more view from the door! Love my banner!!

These awesome curtains were sown by my mother in law again! Gotta love her! This is where my math manipulatives are stored. See picture below!

Close up of my homework board. Sorry it's dirty :-/

My behavior chart. Students move their clothespin throughout the day if needed. They are magnetic on the chalkboard and clothespin to the cardboard circles when they have to move their name. Simple and CHEAP to make!

My clothespins that my fiance and I slaved over this summer!! I love them and give my kids the stink eye if they don't handle them with care!

This is where I write my objectives for the day. Each frame is labeled with a subject; Math, Science & SS. These are Dollar Tree frames that I bought, painted, and used Velcro to stick to the board.

My homeroom attendance pans. As my homeroom comes in, they move their stars from the "absent" pizza pan to the "at school" pizza pan. I was really skeptical about this in the beginning of the year thinking it would take to long as they came in, but I am really glad I did it. The kids look forward to moving THEIR star every morning and it makes it super easy to take attendance!!  Pizza pans were bought at the Dollar Tree and Stars were bought at Walmart. I hot glued magnets to the back and numbers to the front.

Close up of my stars. I arrange them in numerical order in a circle. Same arrangement every day is important to a speedy movement.

This is how I reward my tables for working as a team. Each homeroom has a board. It is kind of hard to see but I have each table name listed on the board by continent. When your whole table follows directions or works as a team, a point is rewarded. I usually let someone from the table put the tally marks. On Fridays I reward the winning table by either baking cookies (it's only 4 cookies) or giving candy. They look forward to it! Works wonders! As soon as you give one table a point, everyone else gets on their A game to get a point!

View of my desk area from the door. Thanks to my AWESOME Mom for organizing my computer area. She hooked me up!! All of the chord mess on the floor is too much for me to deal with. She took the time to bunch them and organize them so they weren't on the floor and a mess. Luckily they weren't on the floor because you never know when a hurricane will pop up!

This is where I keep my actiview. I was tired of it being in the way by my computer and didn't want it on a big bulky shelf. I bought this small night stand at target for $14!!! It is so cute and just the right size! Love it!

This is my computer hooked up to my smart board near my desk. The board is a little cluttered behind it. I just don't know what else to do with all those little drawings they give me. I feel like I have to put them up somewhere! lol This is what my mom organized! It looked horrible before. She also hooked up a power strip on the side of my desk hanging so I can plug small things in during the day (cell phone charger for my Pandora after school).

My voice levels. They change depending on what activity we are doing. This is a simple way of doing this. I made it the day before I started teaching December so its not as cute as my other stuff. lol

This is an idea I am SO glad I found! Our principal asks that our lesson plans are easy to find when she comes in during observations.  We all know that our desk gets CRAZY messy during the day and I didn't want her to have to look for them. I saw this idea and thought it would be perfect. As soon as she walks near my desk it jumps out at her. This is just a simple display stand I bought at hobby lobby for a few dollars and it fits my binder perfectly!

This would be my desk that I bought from a teacher friend for $50 and I LOVE it! It reminds me of my mom's old desk that I used to play school on! :-)
Thanks Mom again for organizing this!!

The essentials: Picture of me and my fiance. high heel shoe tape dispenser (target/office depot), handbag post-it dispenser (office depot), motivational quote calendar from my mom, cute mousepad from Target clearance, a daisy in my CARNIVAL cup to remind me that coming to work each day COULD pay to get me back on another ship! lol

This is my teacher board on the side of my desk. This is where my important papers go... duty buddy list, distribution lists form other teachers, school calendar, my password log, and my CERTIFICATION CERTIFICATE! :-)
Thanks Mom for hanging (and buying) my cute decorations!

My teacher tool box. When I first saw this I saw pshhh who would need all of this. But this is a life save. Keeps my desk neat and organized! Got the tool box from Lowe's for $14 and the paper from hobby lobby.

I actually stole this idea from a fellow teacher at my school. This is a hanging file box from target that is labeled with different things I need places for. This eliminates A LOT of clutter from my desk. I have TO copy, TO file, TO grade, TO laminate, and TO send home. Love this!

My FANTASTIC shelf my fiance built in like 2 hours and I painted it yellow! My binders are a littl messy and my purse is hanging out there because Coach purses DO NOT sit on the ground boo! lol

The shelf in the back of my teacher section. Underneath it is my teacher manuals and personal laminating machine!

Who doesn't need this in their classroom!!???
Zebra box is where I house my door prize tickets!

I recommend every teacher have an emergency plan folder. My emergency plans are packets that my students can do no matter what day I am absent. You never know when something will come up and no one can find work for your kids better than you can. I used mine last year and was SO happy I had them. Also, my advice is to put them in a spot where they can be seen and let your buddy/next door neighbor teacher know where they are just in case.

(Notice my tickets) This shelf was bought in the ABC catalog. My mom was so upset that she bought it for her desk and it couldn't house a normal size she of paper. I scooped it up and knew I could put my small slips of paper on it (deposit book, call home slips, uniform violation papers, STAR slips, PINK slips from recess) Love it! My pencil stash is in the right hand corner of this picture. I protect it like it is my own child! 

By far THE best investment of my classroom. NO ONE is allowed to touch it but me! Not even a substitute. I do not like those old time pencil sharpeners because they are so dirty. I spent my $50 at office depot and have been living pencil stress free ever since. 

My small shelf behind my desk that I painted when I was about 10. Its a little messy, sorry. Important things on here- alarm clock radio for when I need to mellow out and listen to music on my planning, bug/ant spray, Febreeze, all of my reference books from college.

Blurry but, these books cost me A LOT of money in college so they will serve their purpose throughout my career!

My test folders. This is a crate with hanging folders numbered for each student. As test folders come back I put them in the students numbered slot. At the end of the nine weeks, I transfer them into a cardboard box. If a parent requests a conference I just grade that hanging file folder and I'm ready to go. The test folders are in the front, scissors are placed there because of a student's name for privacy.

ADD IT UP! If you've heard of BOGGLE, this is the Math version. Every week I write new numbers with a dry erase marker. The students come up with as many different combinations of addition problems as possible by Friday. Whoever has the most gets 5 tickets. I usually give a ticket to anyone who attempts it. This is an early finisher activity. I love it! I was so upset when I switched to just Math, Science, and SS because I just made a cute BOGGLE board and then I found this!! Later in the year I might make it multiplication! This located on the side of my filing cabinet. I need another "bulletin" board but did not have wall space. I barely use my filing cabinet so I turned it sideways to put this on it.

This is where I store all of my copies. I have 4 magazine holders - 1 Science, 1 Math, 1 Social Studies, and 1 extra copies of things. I separate them in order of when I need them first. Just grab the top worksheet and go!

Close up of my labels on the magazine holders.

This is where I keep a few of my early finishers activities and center activities. There is a drawer for each subject. There are flashcards, USA puzzles, multiplication dry erase boards and so on that I purchased from the clearance section at Target. It looks a little messy, I need to upgrade to a bigger drawer.

Classroom Rules!

My students writings about Hurricane Isaac. In the middle I made a collage of their feelings during the storm! :-) Paper clipped them to my blinds!

This is my classroom library. These shelves were unwanted at my school. I took them home. My cousin and I repainted them and my fiance secured the backs again and they look good as new! My kids LOVE to visit my classroom library!

This is the bucket my "ID collector" uses to pick up ID's at the end of the day. When we switch classes, the ID bucket goes with them.

My art supplies section.

We do A LOT of coloring and art as we learn. I LOVED to color something after I took notes or learned anything. I do that same with my kids. This is the art section that, after four weeks, still looks as good as the first day.

Cans that I covered in scrapbook paper, duct tape, and paint. Crayons are sorted by color in each can.

 Glue anyone??!

The small bins were purchased at the Dollar General and clearance section at Target!

My supply drawers with Lined Paper, Index cards, and Construction Paper. This helps me control how much is put out so students don't go over and take too much of anything.

Close up of my library. Most of my books were FREE$$!

View of my desk from the back of the class!

"I am finished poster." Kids are not allowed to ask me what to do when they are done. I just point to this poster and they know they have to get busy.

My banner that says Welcome to 4th grade made out of scrapbook paper, yarn and modge podge. The pom pom balls were purchased at party universe. 
Those lovely curtains again are bed sheets purchase from Walmart!

Can't get enough!

Another poster I got printed off of Vistaprint. I uploaded my own image and they shipped it to me! Framed it up with some lime green duct tape!

This is probably one of the best things I have every found on pinterest. When a student goes to turn in their paper they see this bucket. If there name is not on their paper when they go to highlight it, they immediately know to go back to their seat and write their name. They also LOVE to highlight (go figure!). I have NOT have a single paper without a name on it since my teaching career began last December thanks to this!!

One last close up of my desk. My handmade coaster made out of shower tiles is in the bottom right of this picture.

This is the wreath I made out of my kiddies hands. The sign up top that you can't see says "All hands on deck, preparing for the LEAP test!" 

Hope I didn't bore you to death!
Thanks for stopping by!!