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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

In my new district, teachers return August 2nd. I was able to get into my classroom during the first week of July. If you are following my journey on social media, you know that my new school is at a temporary location until our school is finished being constructed. We are hoping to move into our newly constructed school at some point this school year, but we all know construction can have many setbacks.

This summer, my entire classroom was in my garage. Thankfully, I downsized A LOT in the move. There are a few things I decided to just store in my garage due to space in my temporary classroom. I would hate to throw away things and then need them in my newly constructed room.
Let me give you a few pictures of my classroom before I moved all of my things in and also before the teacher before me moved her things out.IMG_0556


This school was shut down due to population numbers for four years before our school moved in temporarily. The district did the best they could to get it up to date as much as possible. I will tell you these janitors worked EXTREMELY hard keeping it clean. Since these pictures, my floor has been waxed and every shelf, window ledge, table, and chairs have been wiped down.
I plan to do a full classroom tour and video once I am completely finished, but until then, here are a few of the progress pictures.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.49.12 PM

This year I will be teaching 3 blocks of Math. These schedule cards are from Cooties & Cuties on TPT. She had many different options.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.49.20 PM.png

This bulletin board I split into two different sections. I plan to use the left side to display Accelerated Math objectives that my students master throughout the year. I want a type of interactive data board. I will try to post a picture of it when it is finished before student names are written in. On the right side, I plan to post Math anchor/reference charts that we are learning. I do not want to constantly poke holes in the bulletin board paper so I will likely hang with command hooks or some other hack! Stay tuned! The bulletin board paper is from Amazon. You can get that here. The llama and cactus banner is from the party section at target. I ordered one online and should be receiving it soon to hang on the other side! The AWESOME place value line is from Teaching and So Fourth on TPT. My students referenced this chart for the past two years. It is a GREAT visual to have up in the room! The bulletin border is also from Amazon. You can grab that here.

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.49.30 PM.png

This is my classroom library. Remember, I just teach Math. I use my library more as an early finisher type of resource. I don't have my books sorted in any specific way. The shelf was built by my hubby a few years ago and the bins are from Walmart. You can grab those here. The top baskets are my turn in bins. Those will be set up next week. Stay tuned.
Last but not least is my favorite part of my classroom...
Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 9.49.39 PM.png

The teal cart is from Michaels. I keep all of my marker board things and likely anything else I need at the front of the room that day. The chair is from Amazon! I got it last year when I was pregnant and my doctor suggested I sit more during the day. HA! At least I got a cute chair out of the deal! You can grab the chair here. I'm not sure if the color is still available. The alphabet is from Miss 5th on TPT.
When I posted the above picture on Instagram, I got a lot of questions about the bulletin board!


I used the same bulletin board paper and border as mentioned above. The puffball banner is from Target dollar spot a few years ago, but you can find similar ones on Amazon here.
If you are interested in the letters and cacti, those are available in my store here.


Last, I printed and laminated a few signs for the outside of my classroom. The Meet the Teacher newsletter is available in my store here. I have made the other sign for many years now. My students love to see where I graduated from and their anticipated high school graduation year. Of course, I explain to them that not everyone will go to college, but everyone is capable. By the time they graduate, my wish is that they are college OR career ready. Some students go through life and are never asked where they will go to college because they just assume they cannot. I hope that they always know I believe in them that they can! If you would like this free editable template to post outside of your room & want to receive emails for future freebies and tips, sign up below!


Saturday, July 14, 2018

It is time... for a change!

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 3.37.15 PM

There is something very exciting and scary about change. For me, I have always dealt with change better when I was in control of it and knew it was coming. Anticipated change sits well with me.

The end of the school year brought many mixed feelings. I felt in my gut that I needed to make a change. After teaching for 7 years in the same district/town, I could feel a shift in things personally and professionally that pushed me to make a move. I was contacted by a Principal in the town I live in. She had an opening. 5th grade Math. MY. DREAM. I went on an interview and was hired.

The next few weeks I spent time soaking in the moments with my students. Some of them, I taught their siblings. I knew their families. Thankfully, some of them were the youngest of those families so I didn't feel like I was missing out. I received so many kind words of encouragement from those families and from a few co-workers. Nothing makes you feel like you have made a great decision than when someone tells you, "I just can't blame you, you have to do what is important to you." Teacher turnover is a real thing. It was more common than most would like to admit at this school. It is hard to let someone go that is your right hand, teacher bestie, and friend. BUT you have to let them go. They need to do what is best for themselves. Sometimes they come back because it was not what they were expecting. Other times, they find EXACTLY what they needed.

I pray that my new school is the school of my dreams. I don't need much. I just want to feel appreciated, supported, and encouraged. What features does your school have that makes you want to come back each year?
"And suddenly you know. it's time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings."

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Organize yo' life!

End of the year... you can't wait to pack up your room and run home for summer! A few weeks in, you are looking up organization ideas on Pinterest and Instagram. You start thinking about ways you can improve your classroom and make it more organized.

This year, I am moving to a different school and district. My school is having a new school constructed, therefore we are at a temporary school. My school will hopefully be finished mid-year. All of the teachers voted on new furniture for the school before I was hired. They all opted out of having a teacher desk. Although this is new to me since I have always had a teacher desk that I love. The past year, I spent a lot more time at my small group table. I was starting to realize my desk was literally just there to hold my school distributed teacher computer (that I also did not use). Packing up all of my things at the end of the year for my husband to load up, I decided I would leave my desk behind and do what my future co-workers plan to do!

Let me show you how I plan to do that...

10 drawer rolling cart... or how I like to call it, The Modern Day Filing Cabinet!

If you haven't seen these, they come in numerous sizes and colors! 
I like to put my copies in for each day in the drawers. I also have a drawer for extra papers. My students know if they lost their paper, they better cross their fingers and go check the "extra papers" drawer.

I also have my "to copy," "to file," and "to grade" drawers for obvious reasons. When I'm planning, I print out my master copies, slap a sticky note on it with my amount of copies needed or front/back, and put it directly in that drawer. This past school year, we did not get off of duty until 3:30. That may not seem late to a lot of people, but I have a nearly 30-minute commute in the afternoon. So often times I would run back to my room after duty, grab what was in my copy room along with my paper basket and RUN to make copies! I didn't have to worry about printing master copies out or sorting them. I even had a parent volunteer that would come make my copies weekly (the first ever parent to do this for me). Seriously, I am so thankful for this parent! At the beginning of the year, I was about 8 months pregnant. I went out on maternity leave in October and returned in January. Without this parent, I would have spent A LOT of time at the copy machine instead of rushing home to my new baby. 

The test folders drawer held my graded test papers completely ready to be sent home. We send home test papers for our homeroom students. When my partner teacher had test papers graded and ready to go for my homeroom, I would put them in this drawer. I had a student job that would stuff the test folders for me. 

The labels for these drawers are available in my store and are completely editable. Purchase this set of labels here

I have many different themes available!
10 drawer cart labels- EDITABLE- Tropical Theme

They are also available on Amazon!
To get the colored set click here.
Seville Classics 10-Drawer Organizer Cart, Translucent Color-Coded

This is where I bought the clear set. 

The labels above also fit the 3 drawer sterilite organizers as well! Click here to purchase those!
Sterilite 3-Drawer Organizer - ClearView Wide 2093 (White / Clear) (10.25"H x 14.5"W x 14.25"D)

I also plan to store my computers in these carts as well! My husband drilled holes in the back of each drawer for the chargers to come out of the back. I earned a lot of these computers from Donors Choose. I wanted to use as many funds as possible for computers and not for an expensive charging cart. I was able to buy these sets on Amazon and labels them with the labels for almost the same price as one computer! If you are interested in these labels click here. There are also tablet and iPad labels included!

Let me know if you have any requests!! :-)

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Where did the last year go!?

Eeeekkkk my blog has gone crazy!! Please head over to MY NEW SITE to see this post! 

Link to these labels....

I think it's safe to safe the only time I faithfully blog is the summer... 💁

I guess its time to recap my school year and what the heck has been going on since I left you last summer!

July 2017- We went to Anaheim, California for the TPT conference! It was our second time in California and it definitely did not disappoint! We LOVE California! That whole warm outside without 97% humidity thing is pretty spectacular to us! At one point Ross said "I feel the sun, and its warm, but i'm not sweating immediately. This is weird!" At this point, I was 6 months pregnant and relieved it wasn't so hot! lol
Ashley Schroeder- you are the most inspiring teacher author I have ever met!! So good to see you again! See you in July!

Picture from Santa Monica Pier

Dinner on Katella Blvd.

Laguna Beach, California

Whale Watching in Dana Point


Being 6 months pregnant in Disneyland was definitely a different experience. Ross was such a good sport and rode all of the "pregnant approved" rides! I'm not much of a thrill ride type of person so it wasn't a big deal for me. We rode a few of my favorites from when I was a child... Haunted Mansion, It's a Small World, Splash Mountain, and Pirates of the Caribbean. I purchased a Fast Pass for Ross to ride the Indiana Jones ride since he is a thrill ride junkie. The Fast Pass wasn't working when we went to retrieve it at the kiosk. I found an employee and explained I bought him a fast pass since I was pregnant and could not ride. The employee did not question it for a second and brought Ross straight to the front of the line. I can't say enough good things about the employees at Disneyland! I definitely want to bring Graham one day!

Back home I had to finish up my classroom! I moved classrooms, again. My choice of course. There was a MUCH bigger room open in a different hall and I jumped on it after being stuck in a room that felt like a closet the previous year.

These banners are for sale in my store if interested! I just attached them to ribbon with clothespins from the target dollar spot! Click HERE to see them!!

I had to figure out some type of storage for my computers. I've been writing donors choose grants for over 5 years. Since I try to use all funding possible to get these laptops I needed to find my own storage for them. I found these 10 drawer organizers from Michaels and bought 3, in hopes to one day have these many laptops! I made these easy labels for the drawers. Just printed them on astrobright paper, punched a hole for the drawer knobs, laminated and attached to the drawer. My husband drilled holes in the back of the drawers for the chargers to come out and be plugged in! Super easy! Click HERE to see them in my store!! I also have tablet and ipad labels included!

My FAVORITE organization tool is my 10 drawer organizer behind my small group table! Seriouly I think the 10 drawer organizer is the new age filing cabinet! It puts a limit on how much you can hoard thoough! Also, much easier to move and clean behind. Here is how I labled mine this year! It lasted all year and I am probably leaving it for next year!

They can be printed on white card stock to get these colors but there is also some plain ones that you can print on colored card stock. All labels are editable so you can title each drawer something different! I have SO many theme available in my store! 

Click HERE to see all of the drawer labels available! They also fit the three drawer organizers as well!

I'm going to do a blogpost soon about how I attach these labels so easily! Stay tuned!


Starting a brand new school year 7 months pregnant was SO EXHAUSTING! I don't think I mentioned yet that my students were AMAZING! I'm not even joking. I truly believe God handpicked each and every one of them to put them in my class. After last year being so difficult for me professionally, now being pregnant... I think God was saying to trust him and his plan! I fell in love with my two classes from Day 1! I had a new partner teacher who was the sweetest thing ever! I was LOVING my job again! It felt great! 

Fast forward to end of September and my fabulous, selfless, caring co-workers threw me and Graham a baby shower! It was the cutest! So many of my co-workers from my school before our district reconfiguration came to support us as well. I was so overjoyed!

THEN my friends hosted a baby shower at Graham's godfather's house. Another gorgeous event! So much love for my boy already!

My cousin's company did the decor. Check her company out HERE. They decorate for weddings, birthday parties, showers, etc. 

Ross' godmother makes these blankets for every new baby in our family. I didn't know what patterned fabric she was going to go with but this is better than I could have picked!! Love love love it!!

Fast forward to October. I woke up one nigth with really bad stomach cramping. It didn't feel like anything anyone described as contractions and I was a few days short of 35 weeks. Ross called the hospital. We went in at like 11p.m. Turns out I was in pre-term labor and having contractions. Nothing super serious. They were able to easily stop the contractions. We were released around 2a.m. Followed up with my doctor the next day and he advised that I be on bedrest. Yeah, defintiely was not ready for my maternity leave to start just yet. My mother in law and Ross' aunt came with me to school to prep my classroom for my sub. I typed up as many notes as I could to make it a smooth process. 

I highly recommend this long term sub binder! It was a life-saver when I didn't even know where to start with notes for my sub! Click HERE to see it on TPT! 

I literally spent the next 5 weeks resting and relaxing. After he stopped him from coming early, he was in no hurry at all.

My due date came and went and I was still pregnant. 
At 40 weeks and 4 days I was induced. I will spare you the details but I am very blessed at how smooth everything went. I received pitocin at 6am and Graham was born at 12:15. Apparently, I am a lot tougher than I give myself credit! lol

Everything was all cleared to go home within 24 hours of his delivery!
We went home to figure out this parenting stuff. 

Graham is such a happy and sweet baby. He was been sleeping through the night (with a few exceptions) since he was 5 weeks old. 

He is always happy and smiling!

Our first Thanksgiving as a family!

OH!! By the way it SNOWED this year in South Louisiana!! It has not snowed here since I was about 15 years old! I was out on maternity leave of course, Ross' company took the day off, and my mother in law (who lives next door), came sit with Graham so Ross and I could play in the snow! So much fun! I have NEVER EVER seen so much snow! 😂

I know, I know... some of y'all are laughing at me because I think this is a lot of snow! But seriously, we live 45 minutes south of New Orleans... this is A LOT of snow! lol

Meanwhile... inside our house...

Flu season was CRAZY.. so he stayed inside as much as possible! lol

Our first Christmas as a family!

January 2nd Graham started daycare at 7 weeks old!! I was nervous but I knew it would be better if he was just always used to going to daycare before he really knew better. The daycare was sooooo nice and just loved my boy from the beginning!

I went back to work Janaury 3rd! A week later, At 8 weeks old, Graham was diagnosed with RSV. We caught it SUPER early and was able to treat it at home. We are VERY lucky it was so mild and no hospitalization was required!

I went back to work and our district was out for 3 days due to ice! Again, may I remind you that I live in SOUTH Louisiana and this never happens. Our buildings and facilities aren't equipped to handle that type of cold. Pipes busted and we were out of commission for a few days. When we finally went back in mid-January it was like I could finally get us all in a routine again lol. 

More pictures of Graham in a separate post to come!

If you follow me on social media, you know how much I enjoy Mardi Gras! 
February is Mardi Gras time! 

Our parade theme was "Aquarius Loves Animation" and my float was Peter Pan!

Lets go ahead and assume March/April were a blur. State test prep, Spring Break, and state testing.

Let's go to May. I was contacted by the Principal of an Elementary School in the city I live in for an interview for 5th grade Math. I had been coming to terms with the fact that driving almost 30 minutes to and from school was not working out for me and my family. There were huge budget cuts in our district that would change our take-in and dismissal times to even later in the day. I know 15-20 minutes later for dismissal does not sound like much but when you dismiss at 3:30, have 15 minutes of duty after that... it's now 3:45 by the time you get back to your room to get anything done. Tack on a 30-minute drive home with traffic, I wouldn't get home until after 5. It just was starting to not be worth it anymore. When this job opened up, I felt like it was meant to be mine. Anyone who knows meknowsw that 5th grade math is what I LOVE to teach! Even my students will tell you that! I was offered the job the first week of May. 

This fall I will be teaching at a temporary location since my school is having a new school constructed! My school is being housed at a school that was closed down a few years ago due to numbers. Tentative move in date for our new school is hopefully December. We HOPE! Either way, I am excited to have a fresh start in a new parish. I explained to my students that my reason for leaving was not the children of the school. Its just sometimes you have to do whats best for you. My principals, co-workers, and all other administrators were completly understanding! 

The students last day of school I loaded up all of my things and my husband hauled them to my garage. I literally have my whole classroom in my garage BUT it is all good. I downsized a lot and plan to downsize even more once I am in the new building!

Peace out South Thibodaux!

Until next time, i'll be working on new tpt stuff, getting prepped for the tpt conference, and hanging with this cutie!!

See you next time!